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Muskegon River Fishing Tour

Picture yourself fishing from a drift boat or jet sled down a broad, magnificent river, surrounded by tall pine and hardwood forests. Long wide riffles, deep pools and long eddies the size of several football fields hold brown and rainbow trout surface-feeding on prolific hatches of mayflies, caddis and midges all day long - some fish approaching trophy proportions. Wild origin stocked Michigan strain Steelhead and Chinook King salmon up to 20 pounds haunt the gravel runs. And Pacific king salmon in the 40 pound class haunt the river's gravel runs. The adventurous fly fisher will find challenging and at times fabulous angling from this world-class river. No, you are not on the encompassing Delaware River system full of wild trout in the Catskills of the East - not on Montana's Big Horn nor on British Columbia's or Alaska's rivers. You're experiencing a day on Michigan's Mighty Muskegon River - a trout, steelhead and salmon wonderland!

Take a guided fishing trip on the Muskegon River
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